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Cryptostone Announces CPS Token Launch Date for Its Revolutionary Financial Ecosystem

Cryptostone, a genuinely anonymous, No-KYC blockchain financial ecosystem, has announced the token sale date for the CPS token. After a successful pre-sales round, which has raised over two million USD from thousands of followers, the token will be available for public sale from June 30, 2022. The project is creating the next evolution of blockchain, a world where cross-border payments, SME fundraising, and crypto trading will happen just as they ought to. The significant outcomes of Cryptostone (token: CPS, on Binance smart chain) will be equity, inclusion, and justice.Cryptostone aims to address some significant shortcomings in today’s blockchains. There is yet to be true decentralization, and the ideal scenario of a truly democratic society is still far away with government control over money and cross-border payment restrictions. Cryptostone has been created to address these issues with a host of services.Cryptostone will offer five major services: an anonymous crypto payment gateway, a centralized exchange, an ICO launchpad, a decentralized, worldwide security token stock market & a native coin (CPS). The project is listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. An airdrop is ongoing to earn free CPS by referring family and friends.“With our no KYC platform, nobody has to reveal their identity, and this makes global payments easier. Apart from a crypto payment platform, merchants will also get liquidity with new income streams and easy ways to raise capital. Cryptostone is more than just a payment gateway. It is the gateway to the future of crypto payments and the blockchain itself,” says a spokesperson.On a theoretical level, Cryptostone subscribes to the crypto-anarchist agenda of ending centralized decision-making through its consensus mechanism. The three government institutions, banks, and stock markets are not natural or fundamental, nor is government control over money. Cryptostone aims to utilize the full power of decentralized blockchains with their original blueprint of anonymous actors transacting with each other across borders.The beneficiaries of Cryptostone form a large percentage of global workers and the unbanked (over 2 billion). These include merchants, expat labor, travelers, freelancers, remote workers and so on. In particular, SMEs and teleshopping users will love its Non-KYC based features.“Today’s blockchains are far from what they were supposed to be, chained by various groups or governments making their regulations. Cryptocurrencies have been reduced to assets like gold and silver rather than what they were intended to be – ushering in a new order of democratic freedom from monopolies and restrictions. Cryptostone aims to unshackle blockchains and become a corrective force to address these challenges,” said a spokesperson.Cryptostone utilizes Proof of Importance to create consensus, where staking and time duration of the stake get counted. The initially identified sectors that can utilize the ecosystem are DeFi, Healthtech, Agri-tech, distributed storage, IoT and identity verification. For SMEs, it offers a new, cheaper form of payment, cheaper cloud storage, smart contracts, funding opportunities, and salary payments in crypto.The CPS coin has gone through multiple phases of pre-sale and will soon have an ICO. The sales activities include a bounty program, airdrop, social media and forums, affiliate programs and digital marketing campaigns, and more.

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